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Air conditioning does more than cool the air

Your air conditioner is the hardest-working piece of your house. At least it should be.

It should keep the air at just the right temperature, clean, and comfortably dry.

Most people can’t say that about their A/C. Even if their house wouldn’t be hot and humid enough to feel like a sauna, they don’t really feel comfortable.

Whether it’s because of draft, noise, smell, or uneven temperatures, their A/C isn’t working right.

And then there’s the allergies that wake you or your family up at 3am—or the unnecessary asthma attacks that send thousands of children in Georgia to the hospital every year (and those numbers are the worst in the Atlanta area).

If you’d like your air conditioning to work just right, click here to learn about the perfect A/C system.

Uneven temperatures around the house are NOT normal

People often think that it’s normal to have uneven temperatures around the house. And sure, it’s “common,” but that’s only because people don’t expect to have just the right temperature in every room.

All you should need to do is set the thermostat to the level you like. Your A/C should handle the rest and keep the temperature even.

Uneven temperatures are also a warning sign of other issues. If your A/C can’t even handle the temperature, it most likely can’t replace the air around the house either.

And when the air isn’t changing at the right pace (too slowly or too fast), it creates a host of other issues. Two of those issues are the clearest:

1. Dry indoor air

If you notice that the air in your house is dry, it’s too dry. The right humidity is unnoticeable—that’s what makes it so comfortable.

Dry indoor air causes a host of irritating (and sometimes serious) health issues from sore throat to itchy eyes.

2. Humid and damp indoor air

Humidity is less likely to cause health issues directly. But indirectly it’s much worse than dry air.
If your indoor air is too humid or damp, it creates a great environment for mold. And that can lead to very serious health issues like asthma, infections, and breathing difficulties.

Humid air usually also means that the air isn’t fresh. And that leads to headaches, tiredness, and many other similar constant annoyances.

You don’t need to live with allergens in the air

Dust mite, mold, pollen, and animal allergies are all very common (more than 10% of Americans suffer from these allergies).

A good air conditioning system will filter out much—if not all—of the dust, mold, pollen, and animal allergens, so you and your family can breathe easy (although, even the best A/C won’t change the sheets, so you still need to do that).

Keeping allergen levels low also helps you avoid becoming allergic. It might not seem like a big deal until you start waking up in the middle of the night barely able to breathe due to pollen—or even worse, if you or one of your family members become one of the 10 Americans who die of asthma every day.

Unfortunately, allergens are not the only issue. Airborne toxins are often even more dangerous.

A couple of the most serious (and common) airborne toxins

“Radon” is not the only toxin that causes significant health issues. But it is one of the most severe—it’s the second leading cause of lung cancer in USA. And Atlanta’s radon levels are among the highest in the country.

A good air conditioning system will get rid of radon (and other similar toxins) before there’s too much of them for your body to handle.

Lead is another common toxin causing severe health problems in the Atlanta area (and around the country). For example, 5% of children here have elevated lead levels, which leads to brain development issues (lower IQ, attention problems, and antisocial behavior to name a few).

Lead is so dangerous that no air conditioning system should be seen as a “solution” to airborne lead, but it can help get more of the lead out of the house before it’s inhaled by you or your family members.

For more details about the health implications, click here to read about what your air conditioning system really should do.

Air conditioning shouldn’t create draft, noise, or smells

Draft is not always caused directly by your air conditioner. But it’s a side effect of a poorly designed heating and cooling system.

Noise from your A/C often means that something’s broken—or will be soon. Even if your noisy A/C is functional, the noise itself usually causes chronic annoyance.

And if your A/C smells, something’s already wrong. The issue causing the smell can create much more expensive issues later on.

Our air conditioning planning and installing services

We plan and install “perfect” air conditioning systems (nothing is truly perfect, but we aim there anyway).

The systems we plan don’t just let you set the thermostat and enjoy the right temperature in every room, we also make sure it cleans the air and keeps the humidity at the right level.

If you’d like to get an A/C system that does everything it should—while likely saving you hundreds or thousands of dollars in utility bills—we’d love to help.
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Our air conditioning repair and maintenance services

We repair and maintain all types of air conditioning systems. We’d love to deliver the best service experience you’ve ever had, regardless of the age, type, and brand of your system.


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What your A/C should do for you

A good A/C system lets you just set the thermostat, and the temperature will be right in every room.

It also keeps the air fresh, clean (of allergens and toxins), and comfortably dry.

And if you choose a “high-efficiency” system (like most our customers), it’s likely going to save you hundreds or thousands of dollars in utility bills.

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Like many people I purchased an older home, moved in, everything was going great until I received my electricity bill from the power company. My power bill was over $400 for one month!! So my husband and I started to do a little research and we ended up calling South Air to come out to perform their free energy checkup. South Air sent Dylan out one afternoon after me and my husband got home from work. He was great, he looked at the insulation in the house (who thinks to look at that during the house buying process), the heating and air system, and asked us lots of questions. After talking with Dylan we realized all of the issues that were not only causing the power bill to be outrageously expensive, but also causing me and my family to be uncomfortable. Of course being the mother of 5 kids (6 if you count my husband) I was worried about how much this was going to cost us.

So Dylan provided us with a proposal of all the work he was going to have his guys do including replacing our heating and air conditioning system with a high efficient unit, sealing up all of the ducts that deliver the air, and adding a few vents in some of the rooms. He also explained how they were going to do this test thing with a big fan so they could find and seal all of the air leaks in the ducts, they even showed my husband the doors that needed weather stripping while the big fan was running.

The installers at South Air are great as well, they were there on time, worked very hard all day long, and most importantly to me, they were very friendly and trustworthy. I was very impressed that after all of the work was completed Dylan came back out to inspect the work to make sure everything was up to his standards.

It’s been 3 months since we have had our work completed and we are loving it. It is exactly what they promised me and my family, every room is the same temperature, you cannot hear whether or not the system is running, and most importantly our last power bill was $174! Between a $230 drop in our power bill and the almost $2000 rebate I received from our power provider, I’ll have this system payed off in no time.

Misti Elrod

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