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Just fill the form below, and we’ll call you to schedule the test

How it works?

1. Fill the form, and we call you to schedule the Energy Efficiency Test. (Or you can call us directly at 678.721.6992.)

2. On the agreed date (usually within 3-7 working days), we come to your house and perform the test. It takes about an hour.

3. Once the test is done, you see all the results (images and measurements).

4. If we believe we can save you at least $200/year, we create a plan of how to do it. If we don’t believe we can save that much for you, we hand you $500 cash and wish you a wonderful day.

5. If you like the plan, we do all the work (usually about a week later). It can mean installing a new air conditioning or heating system, insulating the ducts (which often saves $200/year on its own), insulating the attic, or other similar changes that save you money, increase your home value, and make your home much more comfortable.

6. Once the work is done, we repeat the original test to see the change in energy efficiency. If the change doesn’t amount to at least $200/year in savings, we hand you $500 cash and wish you a wonderful day. We can even reverse all the work (except insulation) and you won’t pay for any of it (even for insulation) if it won’t save you at least $200/year.

7. You can enjoy the savings and the more comfortable home.

Common questions

“Are there any conditions I need to meet?”

You (or your house) must meet these conditions to qualify for this offer.

  • Your house is in the Greater Atlanta Area.
  • Your house is 1,200 square feet or larger.
  • Your house is at least 3 years old.
  • You own your house (or you have owner-like rights).
  • Your electricity bills are—on average—at least $200/month.

“My house is already energy efficient. Can you still save me money?”

Yes, in nearly all cases. If you’re one of the very few we can’t help save at least $200/year, we’ll give you $500 for your trouble.

“Do I commit to something by using this service?”

No. You get the service free (with the voucher), and it doesn’t commit you to anything. Even if we could save you thousands per year, there’s no obligation for you to act on it (although, you probably want to).

“How do you measure the energy efficiency?”

We do three main tests. We go through everything with a thermal imaging camera, run a “duct blaster” test, and perform a house-wide “blower door” test. These tests will give clear measurements on how energy efficient your house is—and what would make you save the most money.

Here’s what we test:

  • Duct leaks: It’s common for the ducts to leak 200-400 basketballs worth of air every minute. Those leaks also mean the system blows dirty air into your house (if you often have sniffles or a headache, poor air quality might be the reason).
  • Attic sealing leaks: It’s usually hard to notice if the attic sealing isn’t doing its job. But even seemingly small leaks can cost a lot. Those leaks can also let toxins into the air.
  • Other leaks: The blower door test simulates a 35-45 mph wind on all sides of your house. It reveals every leak. Maybe the doors need weather stripping or windows need caulking. Maybe the electrical outlets let air in, which sounds funny, but it’s a surprisingly expensive issue. Or maybe lights and fixtures let attic air through.
  • Wall insulation condition and efficiency: If your house’s insulation isn’t in good condition, you pay a lot for it every year. The tests show if the insulation is doing its job or not.
  • A/C and heating system setup and efficiency: Your A/C and heating likely create a large portion of your utility bills. An inefficient air conditioner or heater—or even a high-end system that isn’t set up correctly—can double your utility bills.

“Do I need to do something?”

You need to get in contact (use the form or call us directly), and you need to be there when we do the test. But beyond that, you don’t need to do anything. We even clean up everything after the test, so you won’t even notice we did it.


Average Savings: $660/year

You can call us directly at 678.996.5930


Downloading the voucher doesn’t commit you to anything.Even using the service doesn’t commit you to anything.Your information will never be shared. And no spam-ever.

What our customers say…

I spent a summer paying an electric bill of $400-500 a month. South Air showed up and saved me a ton of money. We have never been more satisfied with a company. From the initial visit to the install crew we have never had a problem. Our new electric bill was under $200. It was worth every penny and hassle free with the care of the team at South Air. I recommend them to everyone that ever mentions something with their HVAC unit.
– The Grizzle’s

Mid-June of this year the unfortunate happened, our home HVAC unit went out! South Air was there to save the day. They had a brand new Trane ordered and installed in our home within a week! They were meticulous and diligent in their work and respectful of our home and pets. One month after installation our power bill has decreased by $70 and the energy usage projection on the GA power website is showing even more savings in the future. We couldn’t be more pleased with their excellent customer service and quick response.
– Derek & Brittny Walker

South air, came out and helped me with my dying HVAC unit. The team came out the date early as promised. My power bill has reduced almost in half! This unit runs so quiet I don’t even notice it running. These folks are honest Kind and treat you and your time with Respect! I will never call another HVAC provider again; South Air has my repeat business forever.
– Mary L Awtrey

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